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Hey guys, sorry for the lack of socialising on dA. I kinda failed to make friends with people, so now I'm just being veeery quiet ^^"

Anyway, it's been awhile since an update has happened, but I really don't have much to say.  I guess I can show you a couple artists that I have taken a lot of interest in lately...


Currently arting for a video game which looks rather beautiful in a cute way.  I'm glad this artist is realising aspirations I had at one time but given up on. It's no easy task coming up with the art for a game; It's pretty demanding.  But I'm hoping this game turns into a success, and it looks fun to play.
Silk by SilviShinystar
It's called Not a Cat!, featuring the story of Silk who saves the people of Karistalia.  One thing I gotta show about this project: The Bosses.
Naturality by SilviShinystarPassion by SilviShinystarSerenity by SilviShinystarSolitude by SilviShinystarHope by SilviShinystar

If you want to watch the progress unfold, check out the group Binary-Tales and give them a watch!


You don't see many musicians on dA, but Dream Forecast has some amazingly atmospheric and peaceful tunes, ranging from addictive reminiscent 8-bit chip tunes to melodies in the same vein as Owl City and Postal Service.  Because of my heavily mathematical background, I have fallen in love with...
[MUSIC] Solving for X (SINGLE) by DreamForecast
... and it's remixes which you can find on YouTube.  I think dA could use a bigger musical community, but for me who lacks talent like that, the best I can do is support them.  Show your support as well.


Short on cash but looking for a basic painting program?  Fire Alpaca is offered to download for free.  Only cost to you is a little ad that appears when you start it up (it's not an obnoxious ad either, in fact, it sometimes shows what you can do with the program; you can close the box and it never appears again until you start up again).  Something that it does very right is it has a Correction setting, much like Paint Tool Sai's famous Stabilizer, to give you those clean, tapered strokes.  Since it is free and being worked on by volunteers, don't expect Photoshop capabilites (of course, you can save files as .psd; this makes it a great compliment to your Photoshop workflow, making it quicker to create sketches and line art).  But it's worth the download.
xWhitedreamsx Contest: Sweet Velvet by January3rdNeptune Headshot by AtsusaKaneytzaAT Akuyi by Ninii-ChiThank You Alpaca Fire by TheSpazztasticPonyMingyu the Sylveon Gijinka [ART-TRADE!] by Madorin
What's that?  You don't have a PC?  No problem.  It's compatible with Mac as well!  (My primary reason why I searched for a program like this.)

Hopefully you found this update fulfilling ^^  Now for a little advice...

I most likely won't be renewing my membership on dA.  I know probably quite a few of you are thinking about buying a membership.  You really don't have need to do it if you just want to show off your art.  If you detest ads or want to use dA for commissions, then yes you will definitely need it.  But all the flashy features aren't all that special.  To use many of them you need to have a decent amount of CSS coding in your background.  If you want a platform to showcase your art, there are much better places than dA.

Reason I'm saying this is because dA has become more of a social media site than an art site.  It's not bad if you want to share silly drawing with everyone, but if you are truly striving to be a professional in this industry, you need to do better.  I have been moving over and trying out different websites, but I won't be leaving dA, I'll just be very inactive more than I am now.

Another piece of advice: Be very careful about people here.  Since more and more people are using dA everyday, you will meet some pretty nasty people.

Ciao ^^


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NoneStar Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Love your art style :) Hope to see more soon.
amandaam Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
OMGOMGOMG!:icondashomgplz: Your art is fabulous!!!
redfoxj Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Grazie ^^
amandaam Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome!^^ have a nice day!
LunarThunderStorm Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
OMG thank you so much for the watch! :iconletmeloveyousplz:
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